The Thinker" Outside of the Mystery Build Box Re-invents the Classic Smiley

   by Jill Mitchell for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Thinker and The Classic Smiley

Inspiration Artist: Auguste Rodin

All of the materials in the MB box (including the box itself and the information sheet) were utilized. The floor was made out of the cardboard box. It was cut, painted white, and covered in a checkerboard pattern with painter's tape, then painted black. The back wall was a combination of the wood board, wood veneers, and the canvas board. They were slightly overlapped and glued together, painted white, taped to reveal stripes and then painted black. The two "Thinkers" were made from wire, wooden dowels, and Chavant clay. The torso of the seated Thinker was made from shredded paper and Elmer's glue. Their heads were sculpted from Chavant clay and painted. Their eyes were Friendly Plastic balls that were painted. The clothes were made from the canvas cloth and were stitched with a thread from the canvas and glued with the hot glue stick, then painted. The toilets were made from cardboard, carved floral foam and sculpted Chavant clay, then glued and painted. "The Classic Smiley" was made from Friendly Plastic covered with Sculpey then painted. The "rubber ducky" clocks were sculpted from Chavant clay then painted. The dog, cat and bird were sculpted from Sculpey then painted. The dog's eyes were Friendly Plastic balls. The cat's eyes were made from two dabs of the hot glue stick then painted. The cat's whiskers were pieces of rope. The bird cage was made with wire, wood, hot glue then painted. The top of the bird cage is a portion of the Elmer's glue orange bottle cover. The toilet paper roll was made from a wooden dowel with shredded paper wrapped around it and glued. The toilet paper holder was made from wire. The Mystery Build box was made from cardboard and painted with the MB logo. The MB instruction sheet in The Thinker's hand was made from the actual instruction sheet which was cut, painted white and then painted with the MB logo. The contents of the MB box--shredded paper, floral foam, wood, wire, rope, glue stick, Friendly Plastic pellets and their bag-- were made from their actual materials. The Chavant clay was a wooden block covered in Chavant clay then wrapped in a piece of the original wrapper. The Elmer's glue bottle was sculpted from Sculpey and painted. The 4 dowels were made from small pieces of the wood. The canvas board was cut from the cardboard box then covered in canvas cloth, glued with hot glue stick then painted white. The entire project was framed in hardwood blocks cut and glued then painted gold.

I also made 2 easels with brief descriptions of the project. I put them in the MB photo so the viewers could understand the project without viewing the video--the video goes into more detail. The 2 easels were made, though, primarily for the viewers who will see the MB project at Cotuit Center for the Arts this fall.
P.S. I had a ball doing this although I haven't spent much time with my husband for months!