The Wave

   by Rachel Wakefield and Melia Ortiz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Inspiration Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

For the wave/ocean part we started with a cardboard base which we built on the flat square of wood given to us in our kit. (The cardboard was from our box.) We shaped the cardboard into the shapes of waves, using wire to make pieces of cardboard stay together. We also used some hot glue and the white glue. We then covered this with paper mache and painted it. (We used the paper packing material with white glue in water for the paper mache.) For the more detailed tops of the waves we used clay. We glued this on with hot glue and white glue to the tops of the waves. Then we painted this.
With the background we used the canvas given to us. We painted it to look like the background in the actual painting. We made the mountain out of clay and used the white glue to glue it on. Then we painted it. We also used clay to make a little rectangle and attached it with the white glue and then painted we the Japanese symbols on to it. These symbols were in a white rectangle in the painting and we decided to make the rectangle out of clay for out project.
For the boats we made them out of wood, cloth, and glue. We made the sides, back, and front piece (the piece that sticks up) out of wood from the flat rectangles of wood we received in our box. We sawed the pieces out and sanded the edges. Then we soaked the side pieces in water to make them flexible and curved them to the shape we wanted. We glued the side pieces and the back together with hot glue. For the bottom of the boat we used the cloth canvas. We cut out pieces the canvas and glued them to the boats with hot glue. We trimmed off any extra cloth. For the front piece of the boats we had cut out rectangles of wood. We sanded them to the proper shape and then glued them onto the boats with hot glue. We made the people in the boats out of Sculpey and then painted them. We glued the people into the boats with white glue, except for one person that fell out and then we glued him in with hot glue. We used the white glue to put the boats onto the waves.