Through Ansel's Lens

   by Elizabeth Frawley for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Golden Gate Before The Bridge

Inspiration Artist: Ansel Adams

My piece was inspired by Ansel Adam's style of photography specifically, his photograph "The Golden Gate Before The Bridge." This photo depicts the present day location of the San Francisco Bay. Known for his black and white photography, I took Adam's photo and wanted to add the Golden Gate Bridge "into the scene," which would also add a dash of color into his style. aka reinventing it.
Rather than just paint the photograph and add the bridge, I wanted to reinvent it more by making a sculpture version of the scene. To represent Ansel's style within my own, I encased the sculpture within a type of camera used by Ansel. Tying the camera and the sculpture to Ansel's work, I painted Ansel's original black and white photograph on the back of the piece. This represented the tie between his work to my new concept which includes both the bridge and color. On the front proscenium of the piece, I created a miniature Ansel taking the photo on top of his Ford Woody. The piece represents my take on Adam's style....all the while looking "Through Ansel's Lens."

The tools I used included:
a table saw for cutting the oak plywood, scissors, and a rotary tool for sanding and carving, acrylic paints. For gluing items, I used only the glue bottle.

The materials I used for each piece are as follows:

foundation: oakwood, cardboard(BOX) paint, glue bottle
landscape: assorted hardwoods, paint, foam block, modeling clay, glue bottle,
bridge: wire, rope, canvas, assorted hardwoods, paint, glue bottle
backdrop: canvas cloth, paint, glue bottle
camera: stripped cardboard(BOX), assorted hardwoods, paint, glue bottle, 2 of the wooden dowels
Ansel/mini camera: sculpey polymer clay, paint,wire, glue bottle
Ford Woody(car): sculpey polymer clay, paint, assorted hardwoods, glue bottle
landscape/photo(part of the rear of camera): canvas board, paint, glue bottle