To the Drawing Board

   by Lily Moxley and Lily Moxley Pam Moxley for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Drawing Hands

Inspiration Artist: M. C. Escher

First, I used the wooden rods to make the pencils that the hands are holding. I sanded the tips to the shape that I wanted them to be, then I stained to top of the pencils. I covered them in the white clay from the bottom to about an inch and a half from the tip. I put the entire thing into the oven to harden. Next, I painted the white clay a metallic blue color, and the tips of the pencils black. To finish off the pencils, I wrapped a small coil of the black wire on two spots on each pencil. To make the hands I used the gray Clay from the box. I used a block of wood from the box in each hand as filler so that I would not have to use as much clay. Once I had finished sculpting the hands, I made finger nails. I used the white plastic that melts from the box. I cut out each finger nail, then pressed it into the clay to make an indent. I then painted an under tone into the hands using a dark brown color. Next, I spray painted the hands a skin tone color. After the paint dried, I super glued the finger nails onto the hands. The hands were now finished. To make the board, I used the oak plank from the box. I stained it. Then I wrote with a sharpie in small print all over the board quotes from or about art or artists. Some of these quotes were from M. C. Escher. Next I drew the selves and the wrists on to the board using the hands for sizing. Then I coated the board in polyurethane. Next, I used the white plastic that melts from the box to make the nails on the corners of the board. I painted them with a flat, gray color. I super glued the hands and the nails to the board. The last thing I did was paint transitions onto the board from the hands to the flat board with the skin tone paint.