Trail of Tears at sunset

   by Susan Dolph for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Trail of Tears

I started with the horse. I sculpted with the modeling clay and the steel wire. I painted the horse with acrylics. I used the shredded newspaper and the steal wire to create the structure for the woman and the child. I cut the canvas cloth for blankets and painted them. I attached them with hot glue from the glue stick. I made the faces and the feet out of modeling clay and painted them. I painted the oak plywood with white gesso and then painted it and the canvas board. I used the shredded newspaper and water and glue to make a paper Mache for the ground and grass on the box. I painted the box and the grass and the trail. I used the glue stick and the all purpose glue to attach the canvas board and the oak board that I had painted on the box.

This is a very inspirational painting that I saw when I was really young in school. It made a profound affect on me. I still remember it today and how I felt.