Underwater Dog

   by Silvia Souza and Green team for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Underwater Dog

Inspiration Artist: Seth Castell

This group immediately selected Seth Castell’s Underwater Dog and two leaders, the one girl and a boy. The young lady artfully managed the boys and gave out tasks. The teeth were created from polymer clay. The dog’s head was created using wire and the wax clay which was carved and molded from the wax clay. The box served as the water and was painted by two young men. This job also included painting the dog’s body. The styrofoam was carved into the ball and painted by another young man.

This was constructed by a group of 8th graders in Mrs. Souza's art class. They had to work together and figure out how to use the supplies and create their piece with some guidance but very little direct involvement from Mrs. Souza.