Van Gogh's Bedroom

   by Evelyn Hernandez for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Bedroom in Arles 1889

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

First I peeled of the sticker on the box and I used the box itself as the walls , opened it up completely using the instruction pamphlet to square it off. I then cut the lid off and used it to hold part of the flooring which were the flat wood slats that I cut up in rectangular pieces with an electric saw machine. I used the large flat piece of wood and made the table in the corner using a saw and used the rest for flooring as well. I made all the pieces on the table out of clay except for the pitcher and the cup which I melted the pellets for. The chairs are woven from the rope that I took apart and the wood sticks that I split in four. The chairs were then glued together. Part of the canvas board was cut with a saw into little canvases for the paintings on the wall. The rest of the canvas board was peeled apart to take the canvas off and used for the towel hanging on the wall. The peeled canvas was soaked to be able to fold easier and it produced a thin layer of glued cardboard that I then used for the clothes and hat on the hooks behind the bed. The bed was cut out of the wood brick using an electric saw and sanded down and glued together. The pillows are baked sculpey clay and the mattress is the raw canvas that was sewn with canvas string that was pulled off and stuffed with the shredded paper. For the windows I used the green foam which I cut with a knife glued and sanded down. I used the sticker that was on the box and glued it to the foam for the windows and to attach the windows to the box. I cut some of the gold frame from the sticker on the box to frame the little paintings. I used the wire for the the hook on the walls. I painted everything with acrylic paints.

I also did a sculpture of Van Gogh painting a different painting but it just made the space too busy. I can supply you with a picture if you like. My husband, daughter, and coworker are fascinated with this project and we will be buying many more in the future. This is a thrilling, exciting, and scary project. I loved it.