Vincent's Bedroom

   by Holly Aven for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Bedroom at Arles

Inspiration Artist: Vincent VanGogh

The main body of the box is used for the back wall, painted with acrylics.
The table and its legs are cut from the 1/8" wood, painted with acrylics.
The cup and plate on the table are Sculpey.
The wash bowl, pitcher, water jug and mirror are molded and rolled from the plastic pellets.
The chairs are dowels, box scraps for chair back slats, painted with acrylics,with seat of twine threaded into a small square of the box.
The bed was made with the wood veneer, strips of the box are used for corners and trim. The
styrofoam was halved and used as the mattress. Canvas was painted and dyed for the sheets
and the blanket. the pillows were stuffed with shredded newprint.
The towel, jackets and hat are canvas, dyed or painted. The hat was molded with glue.
The mirror is mounted on the wood veneer.
The "paintings" are also wood veneer, filled in with pastels and bordered with acrylic, hung on the supplied wire.
Vincent is wire and Chavant clay, painted with acrylic.
The floor is the plywood supplied, painted with acrylic.

There were three renditions of this painting. The image over the coat rack was the one most discernable from the computer images I was working from.
I have subtitled this "Waiting for Gauguin" since Vincent moved to Arles in hopes of being joined
by Gauguin here.