Wandering Wonder

   by Amy Kollar Anderson for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: "Salome"

Inspiration Artist: Alphonse Mucha

I began the piece by scavenging materials, such as taking apart the canvas board by removing the cardboard and soaking the back to reveal the primed canvas (Image 1). Once I had a good idea of the materials I had to work with, I sketched out the figure to scale and planned how I would take the section of the figure in the painting and make her into a full figure with background and base.

The figure was constructed starting with a wire framework. I put Sculpy clay, then built the oil based clay around it. Once I was happy with the form, I primed and painted her skin (Image 2). Her eyes and brows are painted. For her hair, I unraveled the rope, painted it black and tied it into knots that I glued to her head. The metal hoops in her hair and her earrings were created with the metal wire painted silver.

Her dress, including the blue under sleeves, are the strips of paper glued and painted. The sleeves, belt and the top decoration on the dress are the raw canvas, slightly unraveled to create the fringed effect, then painted. I had originally decorated the belt with friendly plastics glued to the canvas, but they did not stick and had to be removed (Image 4). The headscarf is made from the paper strips that were made into paper pulp, dried and cut into shape. I was also going to use this material for the dress, but it was too thick (Image 5) and I had to go with plan B.

I used one of the thin wood planks for the harp, cutting it out with a jeweler\'s saw. The strings are pulled from the raw canvas and the decorative plates on the front and the hanging beads are the friendly plastics.

(Image 3) For the bottom of the piece, I sculpted boots that attach to the rock base by dowel rod and the wire under the clay, so they can be removed. The rocks were created using the provided blocks of wood to which I took a jig saw and sandpaper to to get the rugged, rock effect. I covered the rocks with glue and dustings from the green flower form to give the appearance of moss and to cover the dowel rods that hold them together. The shoe laces were created with fibers from the rope, stiffened with glue, then cut into small stripes and stuck into the clay boot.

For the background, I cut the shape out of the large plank of wood with a jeweler\'s saw and painted it with a gradient of pink to cream. I took the primed canvas that I took from the canvas board and cut out the curved shapes, then painted the circles on the texture to mimic the background in the painting. The board fits in a slot in the rocks.