Welcome to Ghost Ranch

   by Jeanette Graue for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Oriental Poppies

Inspiration Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe

I created the poppies at a larger scale to the rest of the scene as a tribute to the late artist.
I cut the floral foam block into 3 pieces and placed it on the plywood for depth. I covered the floral foam and the plywood with Chavant clay to give the scene an earthen look.
I covered a block of wood with the Chavant clay and painted it for the adobe look to the Ghost Ranch residence.
The poppies were formed out of Sculpey clay. Glued in the center of each flower is a painted Friendly Plastic pellet. The flower stems are painted wire. I used Sculpey clay in a clay extruder to make the green foliage.
I used small snips of the rope to make the prairie grass.
The cow skull is make from Sculpey and Chavant clay.
The backdrop of the scene, Cerro Pedernal, or as O'Keeffe called it - her "private mountain" was cut from one of the thin wood pieces.
The Ghost Ranch sign was cut from the thin wood as well, with small pieces of wire separating the 2 pieces.