Whispers in the Night

   by Marie Templeton for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Starry Night

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

I knew what art work I was going to re-create before I received my box. The first thing I did was make a sketch of the main theme on the canvas provided. I then started to mold the bush with the wire to make the frame. I then started to cover the wire frame with the clay. Once I got the main features, I started to mold the image and last I added some depth to the tall bush. The technique I chose for the canvas was the blotchy feel/look. As the original had a smooth look, I decided to grind the shredded paper with water, drained and added glue to make the substance thick and capable of drying to the texture I was aiming for. I continued the flow to show the movement of the wind through the night sky and made the texture throughout the sky to have a different layout. As I was waiting for the canvas to dry, I started to paint the tall bush that sits in the front of the image. I used three colors on it, which were green, black and brown. Once the canvas dried, I started to add the color using acrylic paint. I started out with a base coloring and then worked my way up to the end color. I carved and cut the images of the houses, church and buildings out with an x-acto knife and a dremel to the hard to get places and to smooth out some areas. I layered the the cutouts onto three separate sheets of the delicate wood for added depth. I carved and sanded the steeple out of the wooden stick. I then proceeded to use the green styrofoam to make the bushes around the buildings. Once I figured what building and bushes needed to go where to add the look from a flat art piece and make it turn into a 3D image. Once all the pieces were glued into place, I started to paint, using acrylic again, I painted the buildings and bushes. I then added the last touch up on the entire image.