William the Conqueror Receives the Messenger

   by Sara Gothard for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Bayeux Tapestry

Inspiration Artist: Unknown

I used the balsa-type wood, paint board, wooden dowels and glue gun to create the platforms. They are edged with Sculpey. The horses are Chavant NSP hand-modeled over wire frames. Their manes and tails are rope fibers. All of the 3-dimensional people, except the look-out on the tree, are Chavant NSP with canvas details (garters, cape, etc.) and wood details (shields). I used canvas thread to sew the canvas into the clothing elements. The lances are made of straightened wire with paper tips. The tree and look-out are made of florist's foam. The castle and William's stool are made of balsa-type wood with Chavant NSP details.

Medieval art did not use perspective, but achieved depth by layering elements. I used a similar technique, but created even more depth by painting background elements 2-dimensionally against the paint board and creating the foreground elements 3-dimensionally.