Winter Birches

   by Margaret Hest for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: AG's tree/ ice spirals

Inspiration Artist: Andy Goldsworthy

The shipping container became a shadowbox for the piece. To prepare, I cut a rectangle out of the front of the container and flipped the box over, using the top flap as a fa├žade which I embellished with cardboard strips left from the rectangle cutout. I spaced nails @ 1/2" apart and wrapped a length of wire around them to create the tree framework. Then I wrapped and glued the newsprint strips around the wire frame and painted the tree forms. I painted the background canvas and created a leaf stamp which I used to make the clouds. The canvas was then glued to the back of the box. I joined two of the thin hardwood pieces together, trimmed and painted them white, covering them with cut shreds of rope for texture. I poked holes in the roof of the piece, and threaded the birch wires through them to hold everything in place. The shadowbox was painted gold, and its decorative stripes were painted off-white and silver. I created the icicles by softening the plastic material and stretching it gently, wrapping each around a short piece of doweling or a graduated brush handle. These encircle many of the birches. Background icicles are made of painted wire. I glued painted paper leaves to strands of deconstructed rope and threaded them through the top of the box.