Woman with Striped Hat

   by Joan McDonald for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Woman in a Stripped Hat

Inspiration Artist: Pablo Picasso

I carved the wood blocks with hand tools and dremel, drilling holes, some of the cardboard was wetted down with water and pulled apart and glued with white glue. Used white glue to glue wood pieces together. Used the the dowels to hold larger wood block together. I cut the wire up to create some of the black lines. I took apart the rope and wove the strands onto five pieces of wire. I made the breasts with sculpt. I broke apart the floral foam and mixed it with white glue to make the green decoration on the hat. I used a small amount of the Chavant modeling clay to hold a piece of wood up. I used a small amount of the glue stick to attach the hat and hair. I used the plywood for the base of my object--I drilled holes for the wire and dowels to hold pieces up.

I did not use--friendly plastic, canvas board, canvas cloth and the shredded newsprint.

This was a great experience. At The Cotuit Center for the Arts several of us worked together in the studio to complete our individual projects.