papier mache Faberge

   by John Dodds for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: the Coronation Egg

Inspiration Artist: Faberge

I hammered the wire into ribbons, then filed more of it into rivets and made a metal cage over a papier mache egg, sort of. The egg was glue and newsprint formed over a plastic Easter egg. The 3-knuckle hinge and clasp are constructed from the friendly plastic. The rocket ship is clay over a wire frame, so it the base. Faux gems are cast in friendly plastic too. The satellites are clay, wire, plastic gems and instruction sheet. The USB feet are made from the walnut wood.
Acrylic paint.

Simple right?

The metal cage was so difficult to construct, it took months and was very frustrating. The rest was joyful to build. It is my re-invention of a Faberge Egg. It has a technology flavor because that is what I imagine he would do if he were still around.