The Sunny Day

   by Andrew Prekker for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Starry Night

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Days before I got my kit I had ideas, and plans running through my head. At first I thought of using the Lady Liberty, but then I chose the Starry Night as my inspiration! I wanted to recreate the Starry Night into something totally different, but easily recognizable. My first plan was to make it 3D so you can see it from different angles, but I thought it needed something more. So I had the idea to turn it into day-time! So with my plan set, and ready to go I started my project! I first took the canvas board and drew an outline of the clouds and the sun with pencil. Then I used the wire to make a frame for the iconic Tree. Using one of the wood blocks, I cut it into fourths to make little foot stands for base. Before I made the trees, I cut out a forest shape from a small sheet of wood, which would make it easier to place each individual tree, and I could move the forest if I had to. Then I took a progress Photo! After that I painted the sky. I then added a bit more to the wire frame of the tree to complete its look, I tried paper macheing the tree, but that didn't work so I stuffed the tree with the paper shreds and covered it with the wax/clay block. Then I took another progress photo. Mixing a perfect shade of green, I started painting my tree! (I forgot that you could melt the clay then add the paint. And I ended up painting the tree two more times) I then made the trees (which taking the advice from the video tips) I took the paper shreds, and put some in the blender with some water. Then I squeezed out the water, and added green paints and glue. I rolled them into sloppy little balls, which would make the crowns of the trees for the forest. I planned from the very beginning to have a slight hill rolling down into the town, (which I planned to make with the paper shreds wrapped in wire) but I had limited space. So I had to ditch that idea, and just have a flat ground. I then wanted to sculpt the mountains in the background out of only clay, but I had used almost half of my block covering the Tree. So I resorted to using the floral block which I cut unto sloped mountain pieces. Before I could continue the next steps I used my glue stick with a hot glue gun to glue the canvas board to the base board. I then used my bottled glue to glue on a couple of the small wood sheets to the bottom of the base board for strength, and then I hot glued the four foot stands onto the base. Progress Photo! I then used every last piece of the wax/clay I had to make the mountains. I then decided to use the fabric (since it had a more grassy texture then the wood base) for the ground, so I hot glued the fabric onto the base and painted it green. Then I hot glued the piece of wood with all the trees on top, to the ground, and added some extra trees around it to look more natural. Another Progress Photo! Finally I was nearing the end of my project! I used a reference photo to try and get the perfect shade of dark green for the mountains. And last but not least the little town! Surprisingly the houses were by far the hardest part! I had to individually hand shape, bake, sand, (I sanded them down for a more defined, house shape) paint, (more than three times per house! Lots of the paint would flake off) glue the roofs, cut the roofs, paint the windows (with a pin!!) cut and paint some of the doors, and finally glue, each house, to the ground. Even though it was hard I had sooo much fun making my project!