Adventures in the Twilight of My Dreams

   by Allysa Holtz for Build A Dream (2014)

The techniques and tools used to created this piece were classic in nature. I used various paper techniques from quilling to paper mache. The construction using basic subtractive and additive sculpting techniques using clay sculpting tools and x-acto knife. The rest was as simple as just tearing paper with the hands.

I started the piece by hammering the corn starch peanuts flat. I split the peanut in half and opened them out, and then hammered them some more. Each peanut created a petal of the dogwood blossoms. The center was just an unflattened peanut cut like cutting a cookie log.
Once the glue dried from assembly, I painted them with acrylic paint.

The main body of the piece was constructed using the hardboard and canvas glued together at a right angle. The arch was constructed from he top and bottom of the box. Once dried, I covered the arch with the plaster cloth. The small arch was created from the corn starch peanuts and plaster cloth. I then base coated the entire piece with white acrylic paint.

The large tree was created from the styrofoam rod. I used basic carving techniques to take away from the cylinder like quality to transform it into a more trunk like appearance.
The leaves were cut from the box.

I then painted the entire piece as I would paint a painting with various acrylics.

I created the curls in the sky from the box using quilling technique.

I created the water from the box as well. I separated the cardboard thickness to make thinner pieces and painted them various shades if blue before cutting them in to wavelike shapes. They were then glued to the piece.

I created the wisteria vine from the card stock paper that I painted with purples and greens. I then painted long pieces of the nylon thread green to use as the vines stem. Once dry, I glued the leaves and flowers to be thread. Once that was dried, I cut the length into segments and attached to the main piece.

I created the birdhouse from the box. The owl was made from a paper mush that I shaped into the form of an owl then added pieces of cardboard painted as feathers to give the fluff.

The rope ladder was created from the nylon thread braided together then glued together and painted.

The moon was just one of the wooden discs painted to mimic the moon.

The stone pillars were carved from the basswood dowels then painted.

The ship was created with more if the box and the wire. I created a rough form using cardboard then covered it with small pieces of cardboard in the paper mache technique. The masts were set with wire and the sails made from more cardboard. After all was dry, I painted the ship with acrylic paints.

The girl was created using the wooden mannequin. The basic part of the dress was painted on the mannequin. The dress skirt was cut from the canvas and painted. The face of the mannequin was created from the card stock using paper mache and a pointed tool to create details. I then painted the face. The hair is also from the box that I painted hen cut into strips.

I glued the mannequin to the base of he piece and glued the dogwood blossoms into place.

The idea of a dream conjures up many images and ideas. As I was deciding which direction I was gonna go with this piece, the idea of creating a dream I have had many times became the leading direction. Dreams are a way in which your soul speaks to your heart. There is beauty in a dream. And a dream can go on and on and on.

My mother passed away during the beginning process of this piece, and a sense of sorrow came over me and the dream idea evolved out of this pain and loss, but the underlining idea of using one of my dreams remained the same.... But the drive under it became stronger and more clear.

Edgar Allan Poe once stated about dreams:

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. "

Art is an inspiration to dream, and to dream is an inspiration for art. Life is a way to build those dreams with.