Almost Human

   by Julia Simeone for Build A Dream (2014)

For my project, I started by forming the main structure of a face with the metal mesh. I used two wires to create a stand for the building of the face. I used the Plastalina to form the features of the face onto the mesh and smoothed the parts of the face out with my fingers, a toothpick, and the rounded end part of a pen. This allowed me to smooth areas that were too small for my fingers. I wanted the face to be a work in progress for the mannequin, so I left some edges rough and even put extra texturing around the eyes with the toothpick. Lastly, I painted the face with acrylics, making sure to also show an in progress painting from the observation of real humans by the mannequin. Then I placed the mannequin, holding his head/face, close to the face he had created for himself. He is touching/smoothing out the finishing touches.

For the theme Building a Dream, I focused on the idea of a mannequin. A person observes a mannequin to create ideas of body structure, composition, and a foundation for figure art. I wanted to reverse this idea and create the perspective of the mannequin. In building a dream, the mannequin is building his "human" face based off what he dreams of being, as well as observations. He is fascinated by humans, and is building the face he dreams of having were he to become one. I also wanted to portray the building of a dream as a work in progress. This is why I chose to make the face, the most unique part of the body, instead of a whole figure. I also wanted it to look as if it is unfinished, and the mannequin is looking over it and dreaming of what he wants to do next.

This was a great way to get someone thinking and also work on problem solving since we had various resources. The ear didn't "stump" me either. Good game, sir. Good game. :)