Amazing Spray-on Socks 2.0

   by Kimberly Smith and Russ and Jackson Smith for Build A Dream (2014)

We first tried the wire mesh to form a foot, but instead we used Jackson's foot and applied the plaster cloth wrap. I left about 1/2 inch opening in back of foot and took the cast off while it was semi hard. Then we used a small spray can and plaster cloth wrap to create the spray can for the project. We used painted wire mesh to create the spray from the can. We used acrylic paint for the flesh tone, spray can. The foot was sprayed with red spray paint.

Our nine year old son is on the autism spectrum, he has many ideas that he dreams up. When he was around six years old he wanted to invent spray on socks. Being on the spectrum he had sensory issues and socks were at the top of the list. When we received our kit in the mail he was so excited to begin and he said it was his dream to invent spray on socks and that they had to be red his favorite color. We ran with his ideas and worked on the project as a family. For us this was a great project for him. It was mostly his input and when he said we were done we were done.

We can't wait for next mystery build. We now know what it is all about. It has started our creative juices flowing.