Another Reality

   by Tyler Kydd for Build A Dream (2014)

To build my project I used hot glue, paint, nail polish, scissors, and the material given to me with the box. Within the box I made the most use of the oil based clay, mannequin, canvas cloth, wooden dowels, thin thread, wire, Easter egg, sea sponge, packing peanuts, plaster strips, and the mystery box itself, along with it directions.
The Birch tree is designed from the styrofoam cylinder as its base and a wooden dowel stuck its its top for a little extra height. Packing peanuts were glued to this pillar to give it more width and then that was adhered to the hard brown board found within the box. Oil based clay was rolled into worms and placed at the base of the pillar to serve as the trees roots. I then took lack paint and the provided paper sheets. The black paint was dapped onto a piece of cardboard and then drag across the white sheet of paper to create stripes. I found this to create a look that seemed to uniform for a birch tree and decided to cut this paper into strips. The strips were glued onto the pillar in rings to give it more texture and create a more unique design. The oil clay on the base was painted to resemble a similar pattern.
The board this tree was glued to was too flat of a color to serve as the ground for my project. My first thought was to give it different levels to make it seems like a more organic surface and so I placed two small mounds of clay to see if would create the levels I was hoping for. It did not, I decided to leave the mound and paint the base a variety of browns and green but still the board seemed to flat. This was when I began to chop up one of the wooden dowels. I did this by running a sharp knife along the corner of a square dowel so small shaving would slide off. I then cut these small shavings into smaller shaving and used a bit of elmers glue to stick them to the base. I then painted them a variety of greens to make them blend in. I used a similar method for the moss found on the rock tree and project base as well. I tore the sea sponge into smaller pieces and painted them a variety of greens and browns. I then dabbed them with water to make sure the color spread throughout the sponge. Once dried they were glued to their current positions.
The rock has an inner structure of cardboard fromt the mystery box itself and the outer layer is the same cardboard torn into smaller layers. I tore these by hand to give more texture to rock and make use of some the natural wrinkling that comes along with working with paper.
The woman started as a deconstructed mannequin because I favored different proportions. I glued the pieces together to form her bodys position. The arms that came with the mannequin were too thick for the proportions I was trying to portray and therefore I used some wire to serve at the skelton for those ligaments. I then covered the figure in the provided plaster strips excluding the head. once dry I began to apply some clay I had pre-dyed with some oil paint before hand. I applied red brown acrylic paint along with some sharpie to give a more tribal look and then began to make her clothing, and hair. The hair is made from string pulled from the canvas cloth and some of the finer thread as well. I dyed it using sharpies along with some old ink I found in my art supplies. I did my best to strategically glue down the strands to make the hair look more stylized. The women's clothes are made from paper, canvas, strong, and some mesh wire. I colored and painted the a variety of times before I decided on the ones I have now. I used some of the canvas for the fringe found along the edges of the pieces as well as the front and back flap of the skirt. the mesh wire aided me by giving a more formable material to make these clothes.
The creature has a wire frame filled with packing peanuts and some cardboard for more structure. The easter egg served as its eyes as well. I began to paint the eyes first so allow me more times to refine the creature body design. Once the figure was beefed up with the peanuts I covered in in that gauze strips to make it more solid and began to cut small squares out of half of the mystery box. I covered the face of my creature with clay once I realized the mesh wire could provide a lovely scale like pattern to it. I began gluing the square pieces to my creature by first starting with eh legs and moving upwards. The tongue of the creature was made by flattening 2 packing peanuts and cutting them into a forked tongue shape. I then applied some green marker for veins and then some translucent nail polish for the pink colors you can see now.I then used a piece of cardboard to cut a mouth gap and glued the tongue inside. The creature body was painted black then painted white to add color to those areas.
I used a variety of makeshift tools along with some more effective ones to gain the textures and shapes I desired. My most useful tool was my hands, followed by scissors, knives, and glue. I twisted things together, pulled things apart, tore items up, smashed item down. A variety of things to gain the visuals I desired. I even used a needle to sew some of the fine thread into the skirt of my lady character.

I chose to interpret the the them Build a dream and a opportunity to create a small sample of another, more fantastical reality. One with creatures, never seen before and earthy green areas.