Art Mannequin's Dream Day Off

   by Christina Gilsbach and Mike & Christina for Build A Dream (2014)

We started with the tree. We pulled the base and metal rod off the mannequin. Cut the metal rod to size, stuck a piece of the styrofoam rod on that and that was the basic shape of the tree. We then used the plastalina clay to add shape, bent the large metal rod for the main tree branches, used some of the small wire, and more plastalina to build out the branches. Covered everything in plaster tape, painted it brown. For the canopy we painted the wire mesh green, used some inks/paint washes to color the sheet of paper and sheet of canvas green. Shredded said colored pieces and added simply plopped them on top of the tree for leaves.

For the base, we cut the tempered hardboardboard and a piece of the hard art canvas, used plaster tape to bind them together. We then used the packing peanuts to add a bit of basic groundwork shape to the base. We covered the whole thing with the plastic that wrapped the materials together in the mystery build box, used a hair dryer to shrink wrap everything in place. Added some hunks of plastalina clay to add a little more character to the groundwork, covered everything in plaster tape, painted it. We used the sponge and van gogh ear as rocks and shrubbery.

We built the easel out of the wooden pieces, some string, and tiny bits of the wire mesh. The paintbrushes are made out of the spool of wire, bits of sponge and the thread. The mannequin's palette is made of one of the flat wooden discs. The paint brush holder is a piece of dowel rod that was drilled. The artist's sack is plastalina clay. Small painted canvases are just pieces of the large canvas. The manequin's hat is made of modeling clay, his glasses out of the wire spool.

We thought it would be fun to imagine what the mannequin would do on his "day off". He dreams of being a painter instead of always being painted. What better place to paint than under a tree.

Mystery Build Rocks!