Barn Find

   by Jean Towle-Pliss for Build A Dream (2014)

I utilized the box, by cutting pieces to make a frame for a car, adding the aluminum wire for a windshield and details on the front end. I wrapped the cardboard frame with the plaster wrap. When making the fenders I wet cardboard, placed it on the plastic egg and then added plaster wrap. The two front wheels were the wooden disc and axles were made from the round wood dowel. The attached rear wheel is cut out cardboard while the other wheel is made from Van Aken Modeling Clay. The seat of the car is cardboard box with Van Aken clay for the cushion. The steering wheel is cut from the Styrofoam rod attached by a piece of wire.
The checkered flag is Van Aken clay modeled over the wire mesh which is attached to a piece of wire to make it wave.
I made a man working on his car while dreaming of winning a race. I used the mannequin, hand sewed pants, shirt and belt out of the canvas. His shoes and hair are made from clay. He is holding a screwdriver I carved from the small square dowel with a piece of wire as the metal end. I also made a toolbox out of cardboard with a wire handle, a wrench out of cardboard and another tool out of the aluminum rod. I also made a jack out of the wire.
The background is the box cover that has his 'dream' of winning the race. The silhouettes are from cardboard and the winning line is from the card stock. The winning car uses cut pieces of Van Gogh's ear to have it raised up. The exterior of the box has additional cutouts to look like wood barn siding.

My husband and I are old car buffs and we love old barn finds. I decided it would be fun to represent our dream of finding an old car, fixing it up and winning the ultimate race by building my dream. It was great fun for my first Mystery Build Challenge.