Becoming an Artist

   by Richard Innes and wife Laurel, friend Jaie for Build A Dream (2014)

The theme I chose required a studio, the executive / artist and the artist's model along with ancillary props, like a divan for the model and artist's easel. The tools I used were pretty basic. pliers, wire cutters, a Dremel, scissors, glue, and acrylic and spray paint. A lot of the modelling was done by hand.
The various elements created were:
studio - project box, tempered hardboard, spray paint
exec / artist - mannequin, modelling clay, acrylic paint
artist's model - wire armature, packing peanuts, modelling clay and acrylic paint.
model's divan - mannequin box, packing peanuts, Styrofoam rod, plaster cloth wrap, square dowel legs, and acrylic paint.
artists easel - small square dowels, wire pin
canvases - cut canvas board.
studio rug - frayed canvas cloth
Briefcase and Blackberry - Van Gogh ear pieces, modelling clay
artist taboret - round dowel, wood discs
artist's brush - canvas cloth threads, wire, modeling clay
planter - plastic egg, sea sponge, wire, sliced packing peanuts, modeling clay, paint.

Biggest challenge - getting the water based acrylic paint to properly coat the oil based modeling clay.

My career, spanning fifty years, has been as a financial executive. As a hobby I have taken some art courses and created a few paintings. Now I'm retired I can leave the suit, packed briefcase, and ever buzzing Blackberry behind and realize the dream of becoming a more full time artist. We have just done a renovation that created a north lit studio space on the second floor. I'm looking forward to the inspiration and challenges that will help me grow as an artist. This project has been a great start.

I really enjoyed the concept and the project. I have been exposed to a number of new skills like clay modeling and painting with acrylics, that I will use going forward with my artistic endeavors.

We bought a second kit for a friend for her birthday who also enjoyed her project. She was an early submitter.