Blurred Dreams

   by Liv Shaw for Build A Dream (2014)

I first sketched and idea of what I wanted my project to be and I came up with a faceless, cyborg hero that had been injured and was conjuring fire. I first sculpted on my wooden mannequin with clay, and created the face, body armor, and hair. I added packing peanuts in some places to bulk out the body. Then I sealed it all with mod podge, a type of glue so I could handle and paint it without damaging it. After that I painted my sculpt with acrylic enamel using blue for the hair and black, gray, silver, gold, and red for the body. After that I cut and glued sponge to it's fist and was finished.

Materials Used:
8" Wooden Mannequin
1 lb. Van Aken Modeling Clay
Corn Starch Biodegradable Packing Peanuts
Mod Podge Matte 16oz
Assorted Acrylic Enamel (Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Gray, Red)
Natural Sea Sponge

In my dreams, the faces of people are always unclear and the world around me is always hazy and I wanted to reflect that. That is why I focused on the rest of the body and my sculpture has a blank face.