Boy and his Robot

   by Adam Seidel for Build A Dream (2014)

The entire project rests inside the box it came in (with the top box turned to the inside of bottom box. ) Hot glue was used only to attach objects (such as the box, the clouds ,the robot to the cavas panel) The canvas panel provides the backing behind big robot.
I used wire mesh and plastercloth (wrapped around the wooden manikin) for the big robot.
The ear was tied around with the rubberband provided to hold wooden pieces; and then a face was painted with acrylic paint. The hardboard was used to make the bed(hot glued). Canvas cloth is the bed sheets, pillow, and bedding. The wooden dowels, and square wood was used mostly for the scaffolding around the robot; with the exception of the posted on the boy's bed. Styrofom packing peanuts where made to look likr the clouds emanating fron the boy;s dream.And the small robot is made from plastilina clay. The finished work was painted with acrylic paint.

My inspiration was the story of Pinocchio becoming a real boy from just his (father's) master's dream. When thinking of that idea; I reversed the idea from a boy to robot. And then the master(creative dreamer)was in turned into a sleeping boy. With his imagination turning his toy robot into a full scale construction project; with scaffolding and pulley systems, etc.