Build to Erect, Dream to Soar

   by Janet Wilburn for Build A Dream (2014)

Techniques: Foam Peanuts were cut and painted to create tree foliage; Foam Peanuts were used to build the form for a tree; Wire was covered with plaster cloth wrap strips to make the vines; clay was shaped and painted to give tree form; wire mesh was painted for the universe; bits of wire used as joint/connectors for tree limbs; Card stock painted and cut to form leaves, flowers, grass and energy curls.

Materials: Tempered Hardboard as base; Wire Mesh for the Universe; Thread to attach the Wooden Mannequin to the Aluminum Rod; Plastic Egg to hold the explosion; Card Stock painted and cut to form leaves, flowers, and Energy curls; Modeling Clay and Styrofoam Rod to form trees; Aluminum Wire to support tree joints; Plaster Cloth Wrap cut into strips to wrap wire to form vines; Square dowel rods for support; Packing Peanuts cut and painted to forms leaves in the trees; Top of the Mystery Build box cut and used as the base for the structure.

Having lived during the era of NASA's space exploration and sending people into space, I feel the concept of flying through the universe is astounding and intriguing.

I had to create and build a foundation in which to launch my dream to soar across the universe.