Builder of Dreams

   by Kevin Longley for Build A Dream (2014)

I used most of the materials provided in the box. I used the box itself for a support/scaffolding system to show two levels of a scene. The box was also used to create the cassette deck on the face, and the super stylish chair. I used the plaster strips to create a human face symbolizing someone sleeping. Wooden balsa rods were used as supports for the structure as well as the ladder and base of chair. The sponge was cut and painted to resemble a plant or bush contained inside a planter (plastic egg). The oil clay was used to sculpt the cassette tapes. I removed the base and rod of the mannequin, painted the mannequin, and placed it on the ladder. The mannequin box was cut-up and glued to back wall to resemble interior artwork. Un-primed canvas was painted and cut and used as a rug, and card stock was used for cassette labels. Lastly, I filed down the styrofoam rod into a powder. I mixed this powder with paint to create the textural trim around the base of the plaster face. Various colors of tempera, acrylic, and spray paint were used throughout the piece, as well as Elmer's and hot glue

The inspiration behind my project came from sketching many ideas based on the materials provided in the box. I wanted to examine a surreal possibility of how dreams are created. I envisioned someone or something in control of the nightly task of creating dreams. Almost as if it were a job or occupation, I tried to show how the worker (mannequin) spends its time "building" dreams and what its environment looks like. I envision an almost supernatural being in charge of this task, therefore I used colors symbolic of deep space or science fiction. The cassettes symbolize different dreams one may have, and also explain the concept of recurring dreams (a cassette played more than once). In a day and age of technology making things simple, I wanted to make the task of building dreams seems less simple than pushing a button. Thus, the act of choosing, carrying, and inserting a cassette tape seemed more cumbersome.

This was a blast!