Building A Dream to Dance

   by Jose Rivera for Build A Dream (2014)

For this project, my best friend was super glue! I played around a lot with the idea of someone building some thing that will allow them to reach their dreams. It took me a while to figure out a way on how to represent not being able to reach a dream in a visual form.

The idea of a little girl that is building a prosthetic leg in order to learn how to dance. Shown in the background is what she is trying to accomplish. For the floor of the bedroom, I used the small canvas provided by the kit. I cut the board into segments to build the stage area behind the bedroom. The wire mesh became useful for the base of the bed as well as the armature for the skirt of the dancer. I deconstructed the mannequin and utilized the pieces to create the table and different miscellaneous items in the room. The plaster cloth became useful to create the bed sheets and pillow. I used scissors to cut and shape the sponge into a teddy bear. I used the wire to create, the armature for the human figures, the crutches and the flower stems. The plastilina became useful when creating small details on different items as well as the little girl and the dancer. I used pliers, an exacto knife, a dremel, a hole puncher, scissors and sculpting tools to achieve the project.

I used all the items except the plastic egg and the box the kit came in.

I tried to think of the the theme on the most basic level because I was having a difficult time coming up with ideas for the competition. When I thought about building something, I felt that people usually build things about necessity. Thinking about needing to build something to reach a dream allowed me to think of the theme in a very different point of view. Building a Dream let me believe that the subject of the project needed to build something to reach their dream. Then I thought of a dancer and how that can be a dream of many but how can I visually illustrate needing to build something to be able to become a dancer. With the materials provided, I was able to create a little girl's bedroom. She's sitting on a chair while she shapes one of the wooden legs off of another chair in order to create prosthetic leg. Behind her, you see a lit stage. On the stage behind her you can see the future, where the little girl has accomplished her dreams after building a prosthetic leg.