Building My Dream

   by Azalea Rodriguez for Build A Dream (2014)

Face/City- The first thing I did was build the head- I took a mannequin head and used the wire mesh and plaster cloth wrap to make a mold of it. Once it was dry I covered the face in the modeling clay and started molding the facial features. I then used acrylic paint to paint the entire face. I then took the canvas cloth and separated every single strand and dyed it brown to mimic my hair. I then glued it on the inside of my head and let it fall to the sides to look like my hair. I then used the packing peanuts to fill in my face for support. On top I cut out a part of the box so that it would fit perfectly so that I had a plane where I could put the city buildings. I made the buildings out of the square dowels, wire spool, and painted them. The dream cloud behind the buildings is made of the box that everything came in.

Room- To build the actual room that holds everything together I used the tempered hardboard for the bottom and painted it to look like a wood floor. I then used part of the actual box for the walls and support and painted them like the night sky. I glued them together from the bottom. I then glued the face to the room by laying it on its back and letting it dry.

Me- For the standing figure I used the mannequin; I removed the support from underneath so that I could position her any way I wanted. I molded clay on her arms and face. The clothes is made from the cardboard box the mannequin came in- I soaked the cardboard in water to make it flexible, cut it out into the shapes I wanted then glued it on and painted it. The hair is made from leftover canvas cloth.

Brush- The brush I am holding is made from the metal rod that was supporting the mannequin and left over canvas cloth cut into small pieces.

Table- The small table is made from the bottom part that was supporting the mannequin (top) and the round wood dowel (legs).

Paint bucket- The bucket itself is made of the Styrofoam rod painted in silver and black paint and the handle is made of the aluminum wire spool.

I took the theme very literally and took inspiration from where I am in my life right now. Right now I am an art major at Arizona State University and my dream/goal is to one day move to a big city like New York and practice my art there. So in this scene I made myself literally building a sculpture of me asleep and having a dream of this goal that I have. The entire scene itself is also weird and dreamlike because I made a sculpture of myself making a sculpture of myself.

I really enjoyed this project. I am a 2D artist so it was fun and challenging to step out of my comfort zone and work in 3D. I also think that being limited to a theme and to materials you can use forces you to be extra creative and think outside the box.