Building a Dreamscape

   by Justina Coffey for Build A Dream (2014)

Used modeling clay to build a wheelbarrow-shaped mold, then dried plaster wrap over it. Used wire to make handles and wheel support. Used one wooden disc to make the wheel, and the other to make a sundial. Cut up foam rod (plus a sliver for sundial) to make log bench. Painted sponge to look like a rock. Prettied up the plastic easter egg. Used canvas and thread to make some stylin' hippie clothes and hat. Also used frayed canvas to make hair. Then I re-used the modeling clay to make to Dali-esque landscape shapes.

I like creating a calming atmosphere and I also really like gardening. Since I can't make my own yard into a dreamscape, I just used this project to express that desire. I call this piece "Building a Dreamscape."

I am also very retentive and like carving, sculpting, beading miniature works of art.