Catalysts for Consciousness

   by Karen Lauseng for Build A Dream (2014)

Catalysts for Consciousness
Mystery Build 2014 - Build A Dream by Karen J Lauseng

When I started the project I truly did not have a plan. As I began working with the materials, a plan slowly emerged and the project consumed my life for two weeks.

I began by disassembling the wooden mannequin as I knew it would not be useful in that form. In so doing, I discovered the perfect part to make a carousel. With that idea in mind, I decided to build an environment to provide some scenery.

Cutting up the box and building a structure was the next step. The ear caught my attention; a momentary distraction and I experimented by coloring it with permanent markers. Next, I decided to use the tempered hardboard to cut the discs for the merry go round. I used several pieces from the mannequin, the large square basswood dowels, and the tempered hardboard to create the structure. The pieces came together perfectly.

I then decided to experiment with the modeling clay and tried to color it using oil paint. I was disappointed with the color and later came up with a better use for the clay. The base for the merry go round was next and by using the wire mesh, plaster cloth wrap, and colored clay, I was able to build a strong base for the merry go round. I discovered that the plaster cloth wrap would seal the structure and the oil based clay would not penetrate the plaster.

Now I needed passengers for the carousel, and wrapping clay figurines in small sections of the plaster cloth proved to be a great solution. I built three BEINGS at this time.

I discovered that the remains from the tempered hardboard were the perfect curved shape for the upper walls in the environment, so I completed the walls using the hardboard, the cardboard and the canvas board.

By now the environment had turned into a carnival, and I needed an entry. Two sections of the styrofoam rod, the aluminum rod and the two wooden discs came together to create an arched entry.

My thoughts then turned to the floor, and after experimenting with the packing peanuts, I decided to create pavers. I ran the peanuts through my roll mill and then covered them with two coats of gesso. I also coated the walls and floor with gesso to create a blank surface for adding color.

Dr. Seuss has always been an inspiration to me and I had seen a character fishing from a tower in one of his books. This seemed like a good idea and I had a toy tower. I covered it with the plaster cloth wrap, which made a nice sturdy form.

The ear seemed to be in the shape for a lounge sofa with a table and the size was right for a BEING to occupy. It needed an umbrella. I used the canvas cloth, the small remaining cutout of the hardboard, a section of the round wooden dowel, half of the plastic egg (I used the belt sander to make it smaller) and some of the styrofoam rod. Gesso was then applied to the entire piece.

Next, I drew a castle on one section of the wallboard and a two point perspective scene on the other. Then fence posts came and I used most of the small wooden dowels, which were cut and drilled to accommodate the fencing. Round tops for the fence posts were constructed with the clay and plaster cloth at this time.

Choosing how to color the walls was somewhat difficult as I wanted to use permanent markers, however I discovered that they won't write on gesso. The outer back walls were colored with acrylic paint. I had a huge selection of fingernail polish left over from another project and decided to color the inner walls with that. I sure wish I would have colored the walls before I put the structure together as it was difficult to apply the polish to the back walls. I originally colored the sidewalk brown and it just didn't look right, so I re-colored it to better match the rest of the street scene. The floor was painted dark purple to provide a contrasting grout look for the pavers.

The individual components were all colored with fingernail polish over gesso. I didn't like the way the tower and carousal base looked because of the surface roughness and decided to cover them with some polished cardboard and cardstock to produce a more even surface and I liked the look much better.

A fishing pond was now needed and I was led to iron the plastic wrap between two pieces of parchment paper I had no idea it would turn blue and was so excited with the result. It made the best ever pond.

Three more BEINGS were made in the same manner as the first three. The sponge was fashioned into a BEING with the use of springs and wooden shapes from the mannequin. They were all sprayed with gray primer and then painted with acrylic metallic paint to bring out their features. With so much color in the environment, I felt they would make a stronger presence if they were all one consistent color.

The ear was re-colored with fingernail polish. A bobber for fishing was made from a wooden shape. Wire was fed through the holes in the fence posts to enclose the area, a kite was made from a section of aluminum wire and the dollar bill, grass and flags were made from cardstock paper. The nylon thread was strung through the bobber and fishing rod and the rubber band was coated with fingernail polish and attached to the upper peak. All were attached in the proper place.

The floor was the final step. Paving bricks and cardboard tiles were adhered to the floor to create a mosaic look. A rug was made from a section of the canvas cloth and was colored with permanent markers and glued to the floor. Small sections of green cardboard, green card stock paper, and green ironed plastic wrap completed the front section of the floor and sprigs of grass were made from cardstock and wire mesh.

WOW, stand back as the project is now complete and I absolutely love the way it turned out. I used some of everything in the kit and found that to be challenging and yet a great way to spark creative thought. I will definitely put a kit together again next year and order it much sooner to have more time to work on it.

The inspiration for this piece came from my personal experience as a spiritual seeker as well as my love for Dr. Seuss.

Over the years, I have developed the ability to intuitively connect to source energy through meditation, channeling and automatic writing. In 2004, during a 9 month period, (49) "Ancient Beings" presented themselves to me in the form of small figurines. They were built from earthen clay on the picnic table in my backyard. During this 10 year time frame, they have resided on a shelf in my computer room and have provided tremendous healing powers for me in my personal life. They speak to me on a daily basis, often appear in my dreams, and are a constant source of insight, creativity, and inspiration.

The theme Build a Dream was couldn't have been a better match for this project as my dream for many years has been that these BEINGS would be built as life size sculptures, stuffed animals, figurines, or appear in animated movies. Also, they materialize in my dreams on a regular basis and helped me create this project. The seven figures presented were tremendously excited to be a part of this offering.

I am told they are light bearers from the ancient Sirian star, Catalysts for Consciousness, and these Elemental BEINGS will be helpful for awakening our human light bodies. This group of BEINGS is dedicated to helping the human population make its transition from a Planetary species to a Galactic species.

I also believe they are individual representations of a variety of aspects we, as humans, carry within our personalities. Whether joyful or fearful, playful or angry, awe-struck or protective, etc.; Each will provide insight into ones thoughts and judgments about a particular aspect of our personality to help us look at our feelings / emotions in a more objective way, (through the BEINGS). As we work toward clearing old thought patterns and raising our vibrations, the Beings wish to help enable us to learn to provide unconditional love to self and others. They are playful and bring joy, insight and encourage personal reflection.