Circus Dreams

   by Pam Walker and Brandon Brownlee, Brett Brownlee for Build A Dream (2014)

We used part or all of everything except the styrofoam rod, 2 wood dowels and the 6x8 canvas board.
We began by creating the "arena" for our circus out of the box, we added some plaster wrap for stability, then spray painted it black. We made a lion caged from the box as well that was later painted and decorated with clay. We made the high wire from wooden dowels, armature wire and cardboard. The elephant frame is the mannequin remade, he is "stuffed" with the bubble wrap and wrapped in plaster cloth and covered in clay. All of the "performers as well as the "dreamer" have wire armature guts, packing peanut "stuffing" and clay skins.
You can see our techniques for building various pieces and parts of our circus in our photos and building videos.
We brought it altogether with a stop motion video performance, that our boy watches in his dream.

Our inspiration was out of our collective (mom & sons) imagination.
We chose to go with "every little kids dream of running away and joining a circus".
You see in our stop motion video that our boy wakes up in his own bedroom after having his circus dream.

This was Super FUN