Cloud Workers

   by Kalina Kelley for Build A Dream (2014)

For our project we cut the cardboard box into the shape of a cloud and used it as a base. We covered in plaster cast, packing peanuts and used wire to make it more round. We used whites and blues to paint the cloud to give it a surreal soft look. For the people we used wire and clay and used acrylic paint to color the clay by melting it and adding the paint. we used the ear, wire, and the two small round wooden blocks to make hover car and put a small man inside driving it. We used part of the sponge to give him hair. For another person we used to body given and covered it plaster cast and made wings out of the pamphlet to attach to it. We used the wood sticks to make a ladder and clay to make a man crawling up the ladder.

The inspiration for our project was a cartoon because we made the cloud surreal and all the people and objects cartoon like. We also used anime as a reference for the flying man. We took a literal approach on the theme "build a dream" and had little man working on a cloud. Clouds are represented as dreams in cartoons as we portrayed the cloud in our project.