Creative Mark: An Art Mannequin's Dream

   by J Stuart Wilson and self for Build A Dream (2014)

Pretty traditional, wanted to see what I could do with what was provided.
Matrix for sculptures from packing popcorn
Clay for all handmade sculptures (from my imagination). Made proportional to mannequin
Elmer's glue when needed
How Color markers and acrylic based paints, fingernail polish
ALL sculptures were made by hand; no molds utilized and models came from my imagination. Put fingernail polish on clay to preserve it.
Markers used on hardboard to simulate flooring.
Glitter fingernail polish on light bulb of packing peanut.

Materials Utilized:
Hardboard: flooring; Canvas cloth: apron; Mesh: window; Wire: tools and lamp base; sponge: wig on wig form; thread: apron tie; egg half: lamp shade; card stock: window, call out, book titles; clay: all sculptures, smudges; wrapper: rag in pocket; box wrapper: stained glass with colored pens; canvas board: wall; plaster cloth: books, Styrofoam rod: table bases; Mannequin: as himself; discs: table tops; ear: model for artist plays itself, base to hold torso; peanuts: light bulb, wig base, matrix for torso and head to save clay.

Build a Dream Theme
I imagined what would be the provided artist mannequin's dream. Since it had the name on the mannequin's box of 'Creative Mark', I decided this is how the mannequin might make his creative mark after standing aside to see other's endeavors for many years. After reading such literature as Pinocchio and the Creatures of Prometheus (Our Mark is well-read!) he dreamt he made his own body parts to become a real person!