Dare To Dream

   by Joe Arch and Nicole and Joe Jr. for Build A Dream (2014)

First, we built the frame of the bird from aluminum wire, wire mesh, and modeling clay. Then, we stuck the wooden mannequin in it, so that the torso was sticking out, and we covered the surface of the bird in plaster cloth.

Next, we cut the corn starch biodegradable packing peanuts into feathers, that we then glued onto the bird. We coverd the mannequin in clay, which we sculpted into the elf girl. We made her legs from the same material, and used nylon thread in addition to the clay for her hair. Then we painted all of it. This step took FOREVER, since the peanut feathers would shrivel up when we painted them, so we kept on having to make more and more of them.

For the base, we used the mystery build box. We painted a landscape on it, with mountains, rivers, lakes, and plains, and used clay to add texture. We used the other half of the box to make a sky.

Finally, we took the aluminum rod and stuck it through the bird and the base. It didn't want to stay put though, so we painted the foam Van Gogh ear black and stuck it on under the bird to keep it from sliding. We also glued the wing onto the side box (sky) to keep it from moving. Then we added the final touches to our project.

My little brother Joe and I brainstormed for a while on what to build to represent the theme, "Build a Dream", and the word dream kept bringing us back to flying. We knew we wanted to have an elf girl in the project- we were inspired by Zelda, Joe's favorite videogame! We had a lot of ideas on what she could be flying on - a dragonfly, a phoenix, or even a dragon- but we decide to go with a bird. The background was inspired by a trip we took last summer.

I (Nicole) am a freshman, and Joe (my little brother) is a fifth grader. We both love to draw and art journal. When we found out about Mystery Build, we wanted to do it so much! We have never done anything like this contest before, and it's been lots of fun! Thanks for letting us participate, and we can't wait to do it again next year!