Dark Side of the Rainbow

   by Alison Johnson for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the Mystery Build Box and the hardboard to build the platform, held together with glue and strips of the rules pamphlet. The grass and large poppies are made from paper and cardboard from the mannequin box. The smaller flowers are made from the packing peanuts dyed with food coloring. Dorothy is the mannequin covered in the modeling clay that was colored by mixing in gauche. I dressed her in the canvas cloth sewn together with the thread. Toto was cut from the sea sponge and dyed with India ink, then washed out. The Pink Floyd sign was made from the square dowel and stuck into the mannequin stand. I replaced the wire from the mannequin stand with the aluminum wire. The rainbow is painted on cardboard from the mannequin box. The snow was created by grating the Styrofoam rod over the project.

If you turn off the sound when you watch The Wizard of Oz, and play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, it is amazing how the music matches up to the images on the screen. If perfectly synced, it is like they were meant to go together! Dorothy's adventure in Oz was really her dream. When she fell asleep in the poppy field, it was a dream within a dream, and if you turn off the sound on The Wizard of Oz and listen to Dark Side of the Moon, it's like a dream- within a dream- within a dream!