Defend the Rooftop

   by Steven Daniel for Build A Dream (2014)

Plaster cloth used to create shell of alien robot. Used plastic tubing as a form to create the legs. Hammered the armature wire to create the robot claws. Parts of mannequin used to create robot eye.

Used the box to create the rooftop. Used the clay to create bricks on the sides. Particle board used to create brick trim on top of rooftop. Mini rooftop on top of rooftop created using canvas.

Kids, rabbit and minion robot created using armature wire and clay.

Kid's bat and slingshot created from wood dowel.

Alien invader cyborg created using stress relief Van Gogh ear. Hammered armature wire flat and twisted it for the connection to gun. Metal rod "lathed" on drill press to create alien gun.

Wood dowels, cardboard cut from mannequin box, and armature wire used to create fire escape.

Trash cans and lids created from brochure.

Cardboard from mannequin box and strips cut from wood dowels used to create planter table. Flower pots created from brochure. Plants created using ripped up sponge and clay.

Rabbit hutch created from strips cut from square wood dowels. Paper from brochure used to panels. Used wire mesh to create cage front. Ripped up sponge to use as bedding. Water bottle and hanger created from lathed metal rod and bent armature wire.

Plant shield protecting kids from robot made from wire mesh. Painted with glow in the dark paint.

Robot and kids' health and shield meters created from paper sheet and used markers to create battery and heart health icons.

Was watching a story on doodling and Morley Safer was doodling and one of his doodles was of rooftop water towers. An idea came up to make the project based on alien robots disguised as water towers. It would be up to three kids to defend the rooftop against the alien invaders.

Wanted to represent some aspects of RPGs. Included influences from Zelda and Invader Zim.