Designing the Perfect House

   by Barbara Johnson for Build A Dream (2014)

My project was built and decorated like a small architect's office. The Mystery Build Box became the container for the office. The outside of the box was painted with acrylic paint and Liquitex Gloss varnish to appear as bricks and the inside painted as a room. After painting the lid of the box white and giving the edges a soft blue purple wash, I used a fine marker to sketch a blue print style drawing. This piece supports my theme and is the end of the box. Using a jig saw to cut a window in the hardboard, the hardboard then became a larger wall with bookcase and original painting in the office. A desk was constructed from the canvas board, accessories from paper, cardboard and wood. The cut mannequin box became a red chair and the reconstructed aluminum wire spool a stool for the desk. The modeling clay dog rests on the Van Gogh ear. I used the plaster cloth to dress the mannequin and fashion curtains for the window. The lamp construction started with the wooden base of the mannequin, wooden dowel wrapped with aluminum wire and half the plastic egg as a shade. To create definition and interest in flooring, I painted areas to appear as tile and used packing peanuts covered with canvas cloth for carpet.
The project was completed using an exacto knife, fine tooth saw, jig saw, hand files and sandpaper. Acrylic paint, tube, liquid and spray and artist markers covered the surfaces. Liquitex Gloss medium and varnish as well E-6000 glue hold the project together.

Inspiration - A set of doll house blueprints. A reoccurring personal dream I have of finding another room to decorate. It is always located in the same position of the house.