Dona Marinas Dream

   by Judith Grey for Build A Dream (2014)

The base is wet-folded cardboard (box) and peanuts, along with modelling clay, paper and plastic egg. The bed is dowel, wire and cardboard, the cardboard bed base being covered in canvas cloth. The sheets are a combination of wire mesh and canvas cloth, plastic shrink wrap and canvas cloth. The pillow is modelling clay and canvas cloth. The mannequin was reassembled using the canvas thread to make it more pliable and was based on the sculptural piece "La Malinche" by Jimmie Durham. The houses were made using square and round dowel and the styrofoam rod, with the sea sponge used for trees. The sheets can be taken off the bed.
I didn't use everything in the box, this being the first time I've participated. It was great to have the challenge, to work with several products that I've not used before, and to stretch my imagination on how I could utilize what was available.

Inspiration Piece: The Dream of Malinche by Antonio Ruiz

My dreams are not particularly stimulating and worthy of translating into a piece of art! I instead decided to research existing artwork that took as their title the dream world, as well as Surrealist work as inspiration.
I chose the painting "The Dream of Malinche" by Antonio Ruiz to base my piece on. In this work Ruiz has Marina becoming the foundation of the Mexican people, with its civilization resting on her sleeping form. She was a translator and slave (hence the inclusion of barb wire on the bed-ends) to Cortes, and I like to think that she was also one very smart and strong women (she was a daughter of a chieftain after all).
I have added ingredients to the image; a cracked egg to represent action being taken, with water pouring out of one part of the shell to signify her deepest emotions, instincts and the ability to dive to the bottom of a challenge. My two origami sailing boats represent her ability to navigate uncertainly and the handling of life's difficult problems, all of which I'm pretty sure she was party to on many occasions.