Don Quixote

   by Ashley Johnson and Anne Mocko for Build A Dream (2014)

For the base we used the box and the hard canvas board. We built it in two layers and connected the layers using the wire mesh and then created a ground with plaster strips. Painting was done using a sponge piece.

The windmill body was made from rolled up cardboard/cardstock (whatever that was you gave us) and elmer glued together. We cut apart using an exact-O knife the plastic spool piece and used the curved halves as little "window/holders" that would be used for the fan. Once dry it was given two coats of plaster strips to make the body look like it was made of that same material they use in Spain that looks like stucco. The door frame was made out of the square wood dowel, the door was made out of layered paper and cardboard, the handle made from wire that came from the knee joint of the mannequin. The roof of the windmill was a paper cone that was then covered with squares cut from the left over pieces from the box sides we removed to make the base.

The windmill fan was made with the square wooden dowel, cut like a Lincoln log so they could connect to each other and then they were set with wood glue. Wire mesh was used as the base and then canvas was cut over the top of it. This was all hand-sewed into place using the string provided. The stand the mannequin came on was used as the turn table and skewed the windmill body, the metal pole piece resting on the spool piece mentioned earlier, allowing it to turn freely and in any direction for as long as momentum will carry it. The longest we timed was 15 minutes of spinning.

The horse was made from the foam Van Gogh ear which we cut into and used the round wooden dowels for three legs and bent the metal dowel (after cutting it to size, of course) for the lame leg and neck. Body shaping was done using glued down and torn bits of the packing peanuts and clay. The mane and tail was made from pulling threads from left over canvas and then poked into place using a hollow needle-like tool. The ears were made from extracted pieces of the mannequin's feet. The saddle is a piece of canvas that was appropriately frayed. To get the horse to stand it had three holes poked into the base so its lame leg may stand free and cast a shadow.

Don Quixote was the mannequin body disassembled so his legs were no longer flexible and glued into place. His clothes were made out of plaster and canvas, the latter being appropriately frayed. The shield was the flat wooden quarter thing, the hat was made out of a bit of the styrofoam rod combined with cardboard and then covered over with clay. The lance was made out of the mannequin box and the last of the round wooden dowel.

The base was painted black in the front for presentation purposes with the lyrics from the Don Quixote musical's first two lines printed on it.