Dorothy's Dream

   by Lee and Nathan Werley and Lee and Nathan Werley for Build A Dream (2014)

THE BOX; We used the box for the background. We turned it inside out and I cut away the picture on the box except for the moon. We painted the box cover to resemble the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City with the scarecrow, the tin man, the lion and Toto. Additional road was painted on the hardboard and we cut pieces of wood and cardboard from the materials provided for the buildings in the Emerald City. Extra cardboard was used for the ground. Poppies in the fields and stars were painted in the sky.
THE TREE: The tree was made from a section of the Styrofoam cylinder and wire wrapped with plaster cloth wrap. The leaves on the tree were made from one of the dowel rods and a pencil sharpener, and then painted. The bush was wire mess and leaves.
THE LION: A wire form was made then clay added for the body. The head was trimmed out of the sponge provided and painted. The lion's cross was cut out of one of the wood discs.
THE TIN MAN: We used the wooded mannequin and clay to fashion him. Nose was a tip off of the wooden rod. Heart made out of the cardboard.
THE SCARECROW: The aluminum wire was used to make the scarecrow form. We sewed the canvas into clothes with the nylon thread and stuffed the corn starch packing peanuts into the cloth clothes. Some of the canvas cloth was pulled apart to simulate the straw and stuffed into the arms and legs. The hands and feet out of clay.
DOROTHY'S SHOES: These were made out of the clay and painted with red speckled paint.
TOTO: Again we used the wire with some of the plaster cloth and some paint.
VAN GOGH'S EAR: This was painted to look like a rock on which the lion sits.
THE LOG: We took the remaining Styrofoam rod and carved out some on the ends to resemble a hollow log. Wire was added and plaster was wrapped around it to look like branches, then painted.

Items not used were: aluminum rod, plastic egg, 1 wood disc, and the card stock paper.

My son and I were at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh and noticed the mystery box and were very intrigued by it. I bought it in November and gave it to him in December. He is in the Air Force stationed a few hours away. We both worked on the idea for 6 months.

In June I retired from work and he was on leave prior to getting out of the Air Force so we got together and came up with the idea. Dorothy's Dream was born. We planned to show the Emerald City and all the major players after Dorothy's departure. They are all there saying now what?

The idea that the movie The Wizard of Oz was basically a dream helped us to realize that Dorothy was building a dream. So that is what we started with.