Dragon Coming to Life

   by Daniel Jacobs for Build A Dream (2014)

I built my idea using objects in the box. I used clay to build body of knight and used the wire screen to build armor. I built the dragon coming out of the painting with clay and wire mesh provided. I used the egg to make the dragons eyes. I glued everything with clear glue and painted with silver and gold paint. I used styrofoam peanuts to build the wall of the castle. After gluing the bricks to the wall, I painted them as well with silver paint. Next, I made an art easel out of wooden sticks provided and used the wire provided to hold easel together. Finally, I made a tapestry from the canvas provided to place on the wall.

I have always been fascinated with dragons and the medieval period. As an artist, I enjoy drawing and painting dragons and knights. I felt that a dragon coming to life as I began to draw it really captured one of my dreams.