Dragonfly Dreams

   by Debbie McLean for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the mannequin covered with modeling clay for the boy. Painted with acrylic paints
His bed is made from the canvas cloth - sewed with the nylon thread and filled with packing peanuts
The dream catcher is made from the metal rod that was attached to the mannequin made into a circle and wrapped with a trip from the canvas cloth. The webbing is made from the nylon thread and the feather is made from the aluminum rod - flattened on an anvil.
the pictures on the wall ate the wood discs painted with acrylics and interference paint.
The boy's pillow is the Van Gogh ear
The wall is the bottom of the box painted with acrylics
the window pane is the cellophane wrap that was inside the box
The tree top is the wire mesh covered with packing peanuts and painted with acrylics using the sponge...which then became a bush
The tree trunks are made by cutting the dowels and Styrofoam rod in approximately half and wiring them together with the aluminum wire. I then covered them with plaster cloth wrap. They were then wired together with some wires becoming branches...all then covered with plaster cloth wrap. painted with acrylics
I attached the tree trunks to the tempered hardboard using more of the plaster cloth wrap and painted with acrylics.
The dragonflies were made of the aluminum wire and the boy/dragonfly was made with the wire and covered with modeling clay, then painted with acrylics

The inspiration for my project was my son's love of dragonflies and the common dream of wishing to fly. The dream catcher catches the bad dreams and allows the boy his dream of flying with the dragonflies.

This project was great fun and I was glad to have the chance to work with all these new and innovative art supplies.