Dream Builders

   by Saraya Lyons for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the mystery build box to make a ground and building frame. I then used the plastina clay to make the little builders and the decorations on the building by stamping it with a stamp I own. I used the canvas to paint a scene as a backdrop with the two square dowel rods to hold it up using the thread as a bond. The stairs were made of the cardboard box and the peanuts. I cut the peanuts in half and glued them on. I also used the peanuts for the pillars. The dome on top was made by covering half of the Easter egg with the clay and stamping. The whole thing was painted with pearl paint and the bottom portion with blue pearl paint. I used the plaster cloth over the wire mesh to create the landscape inside and the mannequin was covered in clay. I used the ear as a cave for the stairs to enter into. The two wooden circles were used for planets hanging down.