Dream Dive

   by Andrea NKC Letter and Katrina, Nicholas, Chloe for Build A Dream (2014)

We used a box cutter to cut the square wooden dowel for the boat. The boat is also made out of the foam ear, canvas cloth, and acrylic paint glued together. The figure of a girl is made out of clay and the male figure, Carl, is the painted wooden mannequin. The dancers are made out of clay and the mannequin stand. The earth was made using the plastic egg. Another figure, Oscar, is made out of aluminum wire and packing peanuts, then painted. The tempered hard board was painted with acrylics to look like the ocean. It is set next to the cliff, the box the materials came in painted with acrylics.

The piece is of a person jumping into a sea of hopes and dreams.
We were inspired by our hopes and dreams of what we each want to do when we get older. These include traveling, dancing, taking chances doing many things.

This project was given as an art and science project in a fifth grade class. Students worked together to solve issues with materials and make a plan.