Dream Puppy

   by Carolyn Gorsuch for Build A Dream (2014)

For the basic construction, I glued the top and bottom box together to form a platform. To fill in gaps pieces of the cardboard from the box of the mannequin were glued to the large boxes. All of it was painted with acrylic paints to appear like a mountain base and meadow with streams and waterfalls.

Mountain setting:
Was formed by using part of the styrofoam rod as a center brace, then wetted packing peanuts all around it to form a snow covered mountain. These were glued to the box foundation.

Stream setting:
Half of the base for the stream was created by glueing the canvas cloth to the tempered hardboard for stability. A stream with sandy banks was painted on the board with acrylic paints. The other half of the base was rolled out Van Aken clay, also painted with acrylics.

Bushes along stream:
Sections of the styrofoam rod were pierced with pieces of aluminum wire to form branches, then spray painted green. Smaller bushes were pieces of the sea sponge spray painted green.

Lily pads:
Used the two wooden discs, painted them with acrylics and glued to stream base.

Aluminum wire was wrapped around the support stake from the mannequin and spray painted green.

Boat and Sail:
The Van Gogh ear was painted with acrylics. The sail was formed from the mannequin box glued to a section of round wood dowel.

The 8x10 wire mesh was cut, then covered with plaster cloth for support. All was painted with acrylic paint. It was glued to the back of the foundation boxes with the support of the 6x8 canvas board.

Climb every.....sign:
Cardboard from the mannequin box was cut and glued to a section of wood dowel, then painted with acrylics.

The wooden mannequin's clothes were created with plaster cloth, then painted with acrylics. His hair is a section of sea sponge, unpainted

Dream Puppy:
The holder for the puppy was formed with the plastic egg covered with Van Aken clay, then painted with metallic gold acrylic paint. The puppy was formed with Van Aken clay, then painted with acrylic paint. Both pieces were glued to the top of the mountain.

My inspiration was the chorus from the song "Climb Every Mountain" from the "Sound of Music."

Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
Until you find your dream

The Mystery Build logo is still visible on the left side of the foundation box.