Dream Revival

   by Terri Holley for Build A Dream (2014)

For my project I used the box the materials came in for the base, as well as the particle board. Both of these were painted for the background. I took the mannequin and clay and sculpted the face and hands. the canvas was cut for the apron and splattered with paint. The hair on the mannequin was made by cutting the packing peanuts into strips, painting them brown, then reshaping them when the corn starch started breaking down. The individual locks were then glued on. For the tree I twisted wire for the frame work and had it coming out of half of the Easter egg. Although it is difficult to see in the picture, the egg is cracked as part of the symbolism. The ear was glued in the corner of the box and the figure by the ear was made out of clay and then painted.

I went back and forth for months trying to decide on what I should do for my project. I had thought about focusing on my past dream of becoming an artist and tying it to my son's current dream of becoming an animator. Recently, his friend mentioned something about a dream dictionary when I was telling him about the contest. I searched some items in a dictionary I found online, and surprisingly many of the items in the box were in the dictionary and fit my thoughts about my past "dream". Gradually the concept came together for better or worse. Here's a breakdown of some of the symbolism:
The waterfall represents my goals and desires and the renewal of an old dream to be an artist.
The pond represents time to reflect on where I want to go in life.
The mannequin represents not taking an active enough role in reaching my dream.
The apron represents the dream which has not been fully realized.
The mannequin is sculpting a bare tree which represents the passage of time, and the act of sculpting represents creativity, accomplishing goals, and overcoming obstacles.
The tree is emerging from a cracked egg which represents potential and breaking out of ones shell.
The ear and the red figure represent my passion for art and the "whispering"voice telling me to pay closer attention to my creative side. I also included this because it seems out of place in relation to the rest of the scene, which is something I often experience in my own dreams.