Dream Weaver

   by Glenna Jackson for Build A Dream (2014)

I started by making a Dream Catcher using the Aluminum Wire to fashion a ring. By unraveling the Canvas Cloth and tying the strings together to form a continuous thread, I used the traditional weaving method to form a Dream Catcher. Next I placed a sheet of paper behind a spider web and traced the guide silk patterns on to the paper. I cut Aluminum Wire to match the length of the lines and bent them accordingly. I pinched the wire to each other and to the outside ring of the Dream Catcher using small pieces of the wire and a pair of players. With scissors I cut thin strips from the Wire Mesh and molded them to the ring. Then I posed the Mannequin and molded pieces of Wire Mesh around the different sections, popped those off and reconstructed them with slivers of the Wire Mesh. I made a spider from the mesh and sewed it in place with the Nylon Thread. I spray painted the Box Lid and poked a hole in one corner. I made a supporting stand with the Wooden Disc and a piece of the Aluminum Rod. I put the stand under the box lid, poked the rod up through the hole and pushed one end of the Dream Catcher down the hole. Then I put the figure in front of the web and Dreamweaver was completed.

I began by taking the suggestion of finding songs with the word Dream in the title and came across Dream Weaver by Gary Wright. The project's name came first, the rest followed. I was inspired by tiny little spiders in the garden. Each morning the bushes and trees held a cluster of small, individual webs about the size of a CD. They were suspended in the air, breathing like floating nets on guide silks. In the center of each sat a tiny spider resembling a coca burr, waiting for the morning catch. Well, they caught my attention if nothing else and I wanted to mimic their weaving abilities in my project. Spider weaves and man dreams. I used the spider as a symbol for the Creative Force, a Dream Catcher format to house the dreams, and a man arising from sleep, reaching out, to interoperate those dreams. When I added the guide wire segments and held it between my fingers, it was always in balance. May our lives likewise be in perfect balance like the spiders web.

When the contest is over I want to make the life-sized version as an installation piece.