Dream Weaver's World Peace

   by Sherry Lynn Morris and Joshua Paul Rasmussen for Build A Dream (2014)

I, Sherry started drawing thumbnails of concepts and different layouts. Joshua used a small saw to cut the wood pieces to length, stained them and made the frame for the loom using tacky glue.

I emailed to asked if I could use the plaids glass paint on the cellophane so I could make flames and was advised that it was ok. I also used the box that the Mannequin came in filled it with packaging peanuts, used plaster cloth for strength, then covered it with the rest of the cellophane that the box was wrapped in. Painted it with glass paint that had fine glitter in it to give it a silver highlights.

I used the canvas cloth and painted the tapestry with acrylic paints, sewed it to the wire mesh and wrapped the mesh around the foam roll and attached it to the loom.
Took the Mannequin off of its base. Glued the wood base to the spool that the wire came on to make a place for the Mannequin to sit. Turned the Mannequin weaver into the tree of life with roots. Used wire cutters to cut the wire and make a frame for the roots, tree, flower stems, people, and the words Dream Weaver. I covered the tree, roots and people with plaster cloth for strength and shape. Made the tree and painted all the pieces with acrylic paints.

Used the thread to sew the canvas onto the wire mesh then attached it to the loom. I also used the plaster cloth to make a nest with thread around it and painted the nest, added plaster cloth eggs, painted blue, attached it to the tree with hot glue. Made the blue bird of happiness out of plaster cloth and hung it from the branch with thread to make it appear as if it was flying to the nest.
I made the base of the whole area out of the wooden board and the top and bottom of the boxes, glued them together attached the people to opposite side of the tree, on top of the cloud box glued the canvas to the round wood dowel and then glued the end to the hands to hold the canvas up.

I used the remaining sides of the shipping box to cut out halos for the tree person and people painted them gold and glued them around the neck with added flames. I used a quarter to draw circles on the remaining card board and the sheet of paper, using it to draw a flower. Used markers to color the flowers and what was left made into leaves. Cut each one out with scissors. The ones on the tree have health printed on them, hot glued all the leaves and flowers to the base and tree.

When the box arrived we rushed to see what the theme was. We looked at the contents and Joshua just said, Dream Weaver and we kept throwing out ideas.
How did you choose to use the theme: Build a Dream?
Sherry said that the Mannequin could be a weaver sitting on the spool weaving a tapestry of World Peace. So our dream became: The Dream Weaver's dream of Peace on Earth. Isn't that what we all dream of?

Sherry started with thumbnails of concepts and finally decided on the weaver being the Tree of Life, blooming peace, leaves of health, bluebird of happiness with the weaver using flames to purify the people, then He weaves them into a tapestry that brings us to Peace on Earth. All the different kinds of people hold up the peace. The diversity stands on a cloud with a silver lining, the ground is covered in beauty, flowers.