Dream of a Spiritual Jellyfish

   by Christine Reyes for Build A Dream (2014)

The Process:
Most modified: I created the dream catcher cutouts in Adobe Illustrator and translated them to V-carve so that the masonite board could be cut by machine. In the final images the pieces are: the violet star, blue and yellow dream catchers and the red negative at the top of the mobil.
Bodies of the mermaid and dragon:
The mermaid: I broke one of the feet off of the manikin and used it as a base. The modeling clay was used to build the shape and then coated in the plaster cast. The hair is a combination of cardboard from the manikin box and the sculpture wire (especially in the strand I knew I would be hanging her by).
Dragon: I used the thick sculpture wire, chopped the Styrofoam cylinder into pieces and speared them onto this rod for the body. The thinner sculpture wire and wire mesh were used for positioning of legs and head and to create the face and wings (mesh). The remainder of the modeling clay was used to create the form of the legs, neck and fill in some spaces. Some glue was used to hold things in place for the plaster cast layer. I then cut up the Mystery Build box and used it to create the spiked ridge down his back. I mixed the packing peanuts with a tiny amount of water to create a paste, cut up the single sheet of paper in the kit and used it to papier-mache the ridge into a smoother and more refined feature of the object.
White Thread:
The white thread was used to create the dream catcher weaves and to hang all the pieces. When I saw the thread, I knew I wanted this piece to be hanging. I wanted everything to feel like it was floating.

How I found Mystery Build:
Like most things found on the net, it was something that popped up in my Facebook feed. I ended up posting a like to the competition with the comment, "Would anyone like to buy me a kit and see what I come up with?"
Someone was actually listening. Thanks to a friend, the box arrived on my doorstep some time after that.